The Mayer PEX system provides a simple range, suitable for any application. With crimp to sliding sleeve, Mayer PEX has you covered. Every Mayer product, no matter how large or small, is manufactured to exacting standards. Installation is rapid, with no heat or solvents.

With the success of the Mayer 316L Stainless press system in New Zealand, Mayer NZ now bring you Mayer PEX-a, a high quality flexible pipe system. With this addition to our company’s brands, we are now able to offer a full water pipe system to cover all aspects of plumbing system installation. Mayer has earned an enviable reputation and is the product of choice for installers due to its high quality, durability and cost-competitiveness.

Fast & Easy to Use

Installing the Mayer PEX-a pipe system delivers advantages over traditional brazed copper systems. Mayer PEX-a is a no rubber O-ring system. There is no heat or flame, which means no hot-works permit. As a result, installing Mayer PEX-a is faster, easier, cleaner, and most importantly safer.


Gearing up to install Mayer PEX-a pipe systems is easy. If you have previously used crimp or slide PEX-a piping systems, in many cases your existing tool will be sufficient. Please check your tooling with your Aquatherm territory manager.


Each Mayer pipe is precision-manufactured from Certified PEX-a polymer.

  • Sizes 16–25mm
  • AS/NZS 2492:2007 compliant
  • ASTM F2023-15 compliant

PEX-a fittings features include:

  • Crimp
  • Sliding sleeve
  • DZR brass
  • AS/NZS 2537.2:2011 compliant